Happy Trails Farm Animal Rescue Efforts

Happy Trails Farm is a 501C3 certified not for profit large hoof rescue foundation.

 Happy Trails Farm is a 501C3 certified not for profit large hoof rescue foundation.


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It’s because of assistance like yours that Happy Trails Farm has been enabled to rescue, treat, and provide for abandoned, neglected, or otherwise retired large hoof animals.



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If you would like to donate you can make checks or money orders payable to Happy Trails Farm. Mail to: 1108 Old Rock Road, Granite City, IL 62040  

Request a receipt to receive a tax deduction in the amount of your donation or hold on to your digital receipts should you send via Paypal


Visit PetCareChoice.com


See more rescue bumper stickers here!

If you’re interested in volunteering your time or services assisting with rescue efforts, feel free to connect with us.

  Another option is for you to purchase hay, supplements, warming blankets, fly repellent, treats,  and other animal rescue care necessities directly from Amazon and arrange to have it delivered directly to Happy Trails.  Thank you for your consideration. Your donations are truly appreciated!




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